“The Franchise Coach” Programme


When considering expansion of your business or you have a great business model or idea “The Franchise Coach” is the team to talk to! Here is what we can do for you.

Setting the Scene

Complimentary meeting with Stewart Germann, Managing Director, either by phone or by Zoom.

Initial Franchise Investigation

Fact-finding and gaining an initial understanding of the business for the creation of a key findings document.

Franchise Discovery Process

Active participation of key stakeholders, that is, the people in a client’s business responsible for managing any strategic goal or change. These stakeholders will be required to workshop issues with “The Franchise Coach” partners, affiliates, or advisors. Openly addressing the positive and negative aspects of the business and diagnosing the health of the proposed franchise.

Franchise System Development

In consultation with the client, we develop action plans. Including a strategy, operational plan, time frames, budgets, resources required, etc.

Progress Meetings

Regular sharing of information in debrief sessions ensures all key stakeholders are kept informed of factors affecting their areas, ensuring focus is maintained and the ultimate goal is not lost sight of.

Achieving Specific Needs and Mentoring

On achieving the end goal “The Franchise Coach” offers a mentoring service to ensure the focus remains on maintaining business objectives.