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Phenix Salon Suites

Phenix: A trusted, family run beauty business looking to expand

With over 300 locations globally, Phenix Salon Suites are once again looking to the horizon to expand. Having had recently in 2021 their biggest development year to date, this new and exciting model would suit those franchisees who are passionate, marketing-savvy, with a knowledge of real estate. With a simple design, franchisees raves about the ability to run their businesses any way they please, with the support of trusted professionals in the industry.


CEO Gina Rivera and her family have been in the beauty industry for 90 years, bringing with them cutting edge innovation to Phenix alongside decades of refined knowledge. In 2022, Phenix was named in Entrepreneur’s Fastest Growing Franchises and in the Franchise top 500 list. Gina was also named as 2021’s 10 most influential women who are ‘revamping’ the future of franchising. 


Requiring only one part time employee, Phenix is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship. With this new model which can support chiropractors, barbers, massage therapists and more, this is the perfect opportunity for someone who is keen to take on this recurring retail business and reap the rewards.

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