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We’re here to help your franchise succeed

The Franchise Coach will walk you through the process of becoming a franchisor from initial enquiry through to opening the doors, including for overseas brands setting up shop in New Zealand. 

In any new franchise, it’s the quality of the systems in place that determines success. We will help you implement clear and effective systems, technology and processes for your business to attract franchisees and streamline support.


Our 360° review lays out a basic picture of your business as a starting point.

Feasibility Studies

We provide a thorough assessment to determine if your business is suitable for franchising.

Tailored Manuals

We produce industry and market specific manuals to provide your franchise business with a road map to success.

System Reviews

We review and develop action plans for strategy and operations, time frames, budgets and resources.

Financial Modelling

We forecast your businesses' likely sales and overheads based on financials and market intelligence to determine financial viability.

Corporate Structure

We look at ownership of the IP and which entity should be the franchisor.

Brand Importation

We work with overseas brands wanting to establish a presence in New Zealand to bring their offer successfully to market.

Overseas Expansion

We work with an extensive network of international advisers to develop an international entry programme.

360° Business Review

The Franchise Coach expertise is in providing franchise specific reviews for both the franchisor and franchisee, to help both parties ensure uniformity across the operation. 

Once your franchise is running, we undertake a 360° review of operations to stress test your franchise and prepare a report based on our findings. 

The review will be conducted by the franchisor so that uniformity and conformity are maintained system wide.

Going international

Thinking of taking your business overseas? The Franchise Coach can help.

Existing businesses or franchises should consider adding an international component to their brand. Most NZ systems look to Australia in the first instance but often to the UAE, the UK and USA. We have contacts around the world to assist your international expansion.

Using our extensive network of national and international advisors, we work with all key stakeholders to develop an international entry programme including:

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