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Award-winning creative education brand Arkki has already made their expansion into 9 countries, supporting over 20,000 children and educational journeys around the world. They are currently searching for a master franchisee with roots in the education sector with an existing network catering to youth to make their next moves. 

Started by the Ministry of Education & Culture in Finland, Arkki centres their focus on helping youth develop lifelong, 21st-century relevant skills which will benefit them through both their adolescence and eventual adulthood. 

Their CEO and Founder, Pihla Meskanen, is vastly reliable, having won Educator of the Year in Finland for her ongoing contribution to Arkki. Meskansen has created a philosophy at Arkki that centers on human-distinctive values such as creativity and emotional intelligence, allowing youth to reap the benefits in areas such as communication and leadership.

Comprising of long-term modules, summer camps, mega-workshops, and team-building workshops, there is something for every child at Arkki, where their attendance will be not only noticed – but treasured.

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